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Yeah, yeah, I know, the best advice for a healthy diet is to eat nothing but whole foods that you have cooked or prepared yourself. But that pretty much eliminates all packaged food – and I’m just not that good. I need my crunchy, salty, on-the-go fix every once in a while and my kids do too.

I’m not the type to deny my family (or myself) all junk, but I do try to keep better options around so we have something to munch on when the cravings strike. Here are a few healthier options that are organic and/or non-GMO and will satisfy your snack fix without totally busting your healthy aspirations:

  • Two Moms in the Raw via
    Two Moms in The Raw - 100% organic, raw, vegan, gluten free bars, crackers and my favorite - truffles!
  • The Better Chip via
    The Better Chip - GMO free corn chips with real veggies inside.
  • You Love Fruit via
    You Love Fruit - Heart shaped fruit flats. Could they be any cuter?
  • Flackers via
    Flackers - Raw, gluten free flax seed crackers. They are addicting!
  • Rhythm Superfoods via
    Rhythm Superfood - Baked veggie chips with extra protein & fiber.
  • Brad's Raw kale chips via
    Brad's Raw Foods - Crunchy kale chips like none other!
  • Dipperz by Wonderfully Raw via
    New Dipperz by Wonderfully Raw - An entire pound of broccoli, cauliflower & carrots in one box!

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Two Moms in the Raw

Two Moms in the Raw is a mother and daughter team making 100% organic, raw, gluten free snacks that are not only healthy but they fill you up. Munching on their delicious almond cocoa truffles and nut bars on a recent road trip kept us from having to stop for junk food on the way. They make a delicious grain-free cereal too. I’ve been sprinkling it on top of my morning yogurt for a little extra crunch.


The Better Chip

Grab a bag of your favorite corn chips and most likely they are made with GMO corn. Why? Because most corn is genetically modified these days. Check out The Better Chip and not only will it be Non GMO Project Verified, but you will get a chip with real veggies mixed in. They had me at the Beet Chips – they are SO good!


You Love Fruit 

Here’s a product bound to be the rage of the lunchbox set: heart shaped fruit flats from You Love Fruit. 100% organic and available in fun flavors like apple pie, carrot ginger and tart peach. Only thing is, they are so new that the product isn’t widely available yet. I know, I hate to do that to ya! Stay tuned – I’ll get out the word on Twitter and Facebook when I find out how to get my hands on some!


Next time you are looking for a cracker to go along with cheese, hummus or guacamole, pick up a box of Flackers by Doctor in the Kitchen. Flackers are raw, gluten free crackers made with sprouted flax seeds and only a few other non-GMO ingredients. Use them for a snack or mini meal or crumble them up and add them to a pasta or soup. Now that I’m hooked, these things are a staple in my pantry.


Rhythm Superfood 

More chips? Yes, you can tell I love my salty snacks! These baked corn & veggie chips are lower in fat and higher in protein and fiber than most chips out there. They come in traditional chip flavors like Nacho, Barbeque, Jalapeno Lime as well as plain Sea Salt. The fact that the are Non GMO makes them even easier to swallow.


Brad’s Raw Foods

Yes, you can make your own kale chips, but sometimes it’s nice to leave things to the experts. Brad from Brad’s Raw Foods is like the guru of kale chips. I had the chance to try the Vampire Killer (garlic & vegan cheese) flavor at Expo East. Spicy. Earthy. Delicious!



Launching December 15th by the company that brings you CocoRoons, new Dipperz by Wonderfully Raw pack an entire pound of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot into each box. I tried them at Expo East and boy are they tasty!

Which of these snacks are you most interested in trying?

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(Disclosure: I have sampled all of these tasty products, but I was not paid to write about any of them. There are affiliate links in this post that help support this blog. Thank you!)

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