Stay Warm in Style with Pavepara Wings Arm Warmers

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As we transition (reluctantly) to the chillier half of the year, it’s time to break out the warm accessories. Not many of us have arm warmers in our bag of tricks, but we should.

Whether you are taking a walk on a cool morning, heading to the gym on a chilly day or simply sitting at your desk trying to keep your fingers warm so you can type (that’s me!), Pavepara Wings Arm Warmers, will help keep you snug as a bug. Not to mention they are pretty enough to wear out and about with your favorite dress or tank top.

pavepara wings arm warmers via

Made from superfine, non-itchy, 100% natural Merino wool jersey and designed with a handy thumb hole as well as a no-pinch cuff that keeps the sleeve in place without sagging. Choose from 2 sizes and 5 colors. Cool water wash. Air dry.

Pavepara Fitness Inspired Lifestyle products are proudly made in the USA and 2% of profits go to bird conservation.

Available at for $40.

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(I received a sample of this product in exchange for my honest opinion.)

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