8 Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

These candy free Easter basket ideas are so sweet, they won’t even miss the candy!

Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas


Easter is coming – and it’s time to start thinking about those Easter baskets! If you’re like me, you don’t want it to be all about the candy (even though it really is), so you’ll look for a few non-candy gifts to throw in for good measure.

It’s easy to go to Target and grab whatever you see from the dollar bins – been there, done that. But the best gift is one that will last beyond the holiday – something handmade or at least well-made and not immediately contributing to the landfill. 

Even though my boys are beyond the Easter gift stage (they still want the candy of course!), I had fun searching for some sweet, candy-free Easter basket gifts that young kids will love!

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

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Felted egg soaps and other candy free Easter gifts

Felted Egg Soap Set – So pretty you might not want to use them but you should because these are lovely natural soaps – hand felted in 100% wool.

Felt bunny crayon roll up and other candy free Easter gifts

Felt Bunny Crayon Rollup – Perfect for taking crayons on-the-go. Comes with 6 crayons.

Carrot teething toy and other candy free Easter gifts

Carrot Teething Toy – Hand crocheted carrot with wooden carrot toy.

Organic Stuffed Bunny and Other Candy Free Easter Gifts


Organic Stuffed Easter Bunny – This cuddly Easter bunny is made from organic bamboo velour fabric. Perfect for snuggling!

Felted Bunny in Egg and other candy free Easter gifts

Felted Bunny in Egg – An adorable, Waldorf inspired bunny lives inside this cozy egg home. Both are needle-felted out of 100% wool.

Crayon rocks and other candy free Easter gifts


Crayon Rocks – Safer than conventional crayons and way cuter. These are made with non-toxic soy wax tinted with natural mineral powders. Just make sure they aren’t mistaken for jelly beans!


Hand knit chicks and other candy free Easter gifts

Knit Chick – What Easter basket would be complete without one of these friendly chicks? Hand knit out of yellow yarn with orange felt beaks and feet.

Veggie sidewalk chalk and other candy free Easter gifts

Veggie Sidewalk Chalk – Always a hit with the toddler set: colorful chalk made with organic fruit & veggie extracts. Set of 5 colors: green, yellow, orange, pink & purple.

Hand knit bunny and other candy free Easter basket ideas

Hand knit bunny – This super soft bunny knit with 100% Merino wool will be your child’s new best friend!

Easter egg pockets and other candy free Easter gifts


DIY Egg Pocket Tutorial – Skip the plastic eggs and make your own egg pouches out of felt. A simple craft that can be used over and over again.


What candy-free Easter gifts do you like to give?

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