Spotlight On: Acorelle Natural Perfumes

Spotlight On: Acorelle Natural Perfumes

What do you think when you hear the word perfume? For me, the word perfume evokes something heavy, artificial and overpowering. I tend to steer clear of perfumes because I don’t like the way they smell and quite frankly, those artificial fragrance ingredients are not healthy.

That’s not to say that I don’t like fragrance at all – I do! I use many products that contain essential oils and a light, natural scent makes me very happy!

Acorelle Perfumes

New Product Spotlight via mindfulmomma.comWhen Acorelle invited me to check out their products I was a bit skeptical because I was afraid they would be heavy and give me a headache like most traditional perfumes. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with their light but complex fragrances!

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Acorelle is a small company in southwest France specializing in all natural perfumes created by master perfumer, Philippe Collet and aromatherapist Patty Canac. Acorelle works with over 200 natural plant and flower extracts and oils to create fresh, modern scents that are layered with top, middle and base notes, similar to classic French perfumes but without the artificial ingredients!

  • all fragrance components are 100% natural
  • no chemical solvents, synthetic scents or artificial preservatives
  • alcohol base comes from organically grown wheat
  • paraben-free and phthalate-free
  • high percentage of organic ingredients
  • no animal ingredients or animal testing
  • EcoCert and NSF certified

Acorelle has created 9 unique scents divided into three scent collections based on aromatherapy benefits – Energizing, Balancing and Soothing. Products include Eau de Parfum (a traditional perfume spray), Eau Fraiche (a lighter spray) and Roll-on Perfume (great for purse or travel). Personally, my favorite scent is the Patchouli, which is a lovely bright, woodsy blend that is not anything like the straight essential oil. They also offer a sampler pack if you want to try all nine fragrances.

Available at select Whole Foods Markets or online.

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