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4 Eco Indie Cleaning Brands to Add to Your Arsenal

Laundry, dishes and house cleaning. Can you think of 3 things you would less rather do?

It doesn’t help that many cleaning products are formulated with “secret” ingredients that may be harmful to our health. Nowadays there are plenty of greener, safer, better cleaning products available if you know where to look, but sometimes it’s fun to try something new. To add a little spice to an otherwise “dirty” job.

Here’s a roundup of 4 independently owned eco cleaning brands that you may not have heard of yet. Best part? All these companies were founded by women and are small business that you can feel good about supporting.  


Grab Green products via

Grab Green

Purpose: Patricia, a mom of two, was on a mission to develop laundry products that could tackle stains and smell great without aggravating her girls’ allergies.

Pitch: Expertly formulated blend of plant and mineral based ingredients, following the EPA’s green chemistry standard. Completely transparent – all ingredients listed on label. Natural, essential oil based fragrances that are enjoyable to use. (Note: also includes safer man-made ingredients to ensure a long-lasting scent throughout the washing and drying cycles). Fragrance-free versions available as well.

Products: Laundry pods, dishwasher pods, spray cleaners, hand soap and room fresheners.

My 2 cents: The convenience of pods (biodegradable of course) for laundry and dishwasher is hard to beat. Love the scents – Vetiver is especially yummy. Gardenia is a bit too floral for my house full of boys but it’s a nice scent so I’m sure it’s popular. I’m looking forward to trying other products in the line.


Eco Me cleaning products via


Eco Me

Purpose: After cancer hit too close to home, co-founders Robin and Jennifer worked to develop effective, family safe cleaning products without cancer-causing ingredients.

Pitch: Green Seal certified, rated #1 on Whole Foods Market eco ratings scale, full ingredient disclosure, no synthetic fragrances.

Products: A full range of cleaning products from laundry to dishwashing to specialty household products like toilet bowl cleaner, wood polish and stainless steel polish.

My 2 cents: Love the concentrated laundry liquid in the Lavender Blossom scent (although I wish there was a larger measuring cap). The dish soap in Herbal Mint works and smells great. I wasn’t a huge fan of the All Purpose Spray because the vinegar overpowers the Herbal Mint scent and makes it smell a bit funky (maybe other scents are better?)



Gaia cleaning products via


Purpose: Having kids helped founder Karen realize the importance of doing everything possible to live a healthier, more environmentally friendly life – so she set out to create a line of eco cleaning products.

Pitch: Effective cleaning products using ingredients provided by mother nature.

Products: Powdered laundry and dish detergents, spray cleaners of various types, powdered hand soap.

My 2 cents: I appreciate that Gaia really sticks to basic, natural ingredients. The Powder Hand Soap is a unique product that brings me back to my childhood (did your school have a powdered soap dispenser?). The lavender laundry detergent is superb and I love that a container lasts for 144 regular-sized loads.



Savvy Green cleaning products via

Savvy Green

Purpose: It all started with Rita’s homemade laundry powder and turned into a business with Mary’s marketing savvy and a goal to be as environmentally friendly as possible, from the product to the packaging.

Pitch: There’s no reason to sacrifice clean for green. Free of phosphates, chlorine and formaldehyde. All products are fragrance free.

Products: Laundry and dishwasher detergent powder available in bags or easy to use pods. Oxygen Brightening Powder also available.

My 2 cents: Both the laundry and dishwasher detergent pods got the job done. I’m partial to pods for the dishwasher (because it’s so easy to put in too much soap) and regular, bulk powder for the laundry (less expensive per load).



What are your favorite eco cleaning brands?

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(Disclosure: I received samples of some of these products in exchange for my honest opinion. There are affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase through a link I may receive a small commission (at no extra charge to you). Thank you for supporting Mindful Momma!)

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