Cricket Bars & Other Wild Products from Expo West

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Given its hippie roots, I tend to think of the whole natural products industry as being a bit left of center and definitely more creative than the conventional grocery biz. But with so much of natural going mainstream these days, many of the products I saw at the Natural Products Expo would not be out of place in a standard grocery store … [Continue reading]

Trends in Natural Products from Expo West

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If you ever want to experience the mecca of the natural products world, I suggest you go to the Natural Products Expo. Held twice a year (March in Anaheim, CA and September in Baltimore, MD), it is the craziest, coolest trade show you will ever attend. I was there this past weekend (along with 65,000 other like-minded people), basking in … [Continue reading]

Top Natural Facial Products for Dry Skin

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Raise your hand if your skin is drier than usual this winter. It's been a harsh one for sure and it seems as though winter just won't end. My skin has been crying out for moisture and everything I put on it sinks in almost instantly. Drinking plenty of good old H2O is one of the best things you can do to hydrate your skin, but … [Continue reading]

Decadent Oatmeal, Cherry, Chip Pancakes

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When I was young, I went to a summer camp on a farm in Wisconsin. Saturday was pancake day. Among the many varieties served - strawberry, blueberry, sausage etc...the best one of all was chocolate chip. Chocolate chip pancakes were unheard of at my house. And at camp we could eat as many as we wanted! Sadly for my boys, I'm not the … [Continue reading]

Escape with Jewelry from Faire Collection

Fair Trade Jewelry from Faire Collection

Let's face it. Unless you live in California or Arizona, it's been a long, tough winter. Here in Minnesota, school is closed for the 8th time this year due to extreme weather. I feel the need for an escape - even if it's just in my imagination! I'm heading to the beaches and jungles of Vietnam and Ecuador. Want to come … [Continue reading]