Kids Eat Kale?

I’ve heard a rumor that some kids actually eat kale!! Could this possibly be true?  Mine sure don’t.  My Mom served a delicious kale salad for Christmas made with mandarin oranges (the kind from the can that kids love).  My boys gobbled up the oranges but didn’t touch the kale.  Boo.

I’m not giving up though. There’s a class coming up at the Linden Hills Co-op called Kids Eat Kale and I just signed up to take it!!  I’m determined to get them to like this outrageously nutritious green vegetable, no matter how ugly it is. (Twin Cities readers – the class is Tuesday, January 19th and if you mention the name Mindful Momma when you preregister, you get $2 off the price!)

Here’s the recipe for the kale salad.  I made it this weekend for a dinner party using blood oranges.  Isn’t it pretty?!!

Kale salad

Kale Salad

1 bunch kale, chopped

2 or 3 oranges, separated into sections

1 bunch green onions (4-6 pieces), white part chopped

1/3 cup currants

2 T Balsamic vinegar

2 T olive oil

1/4 cup orange juice

Chopped, toasted hazelnuts

(my sister told me that she added cinnamon – I haven’t tried that yet but it sounds like a nice addition)

Mix kale, oranges, green onions and currants together in a large bowl.  Mix dressing ingredients together in a small bowl. Pour dressing over kale.  Toss well and let sit for at least an hour, tossing every once in awhile.  Serve with toasted hazelnuts sprinkled on top.

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  1. My two-year-old loves Kale! I just drizzle it in olive oil, sprinkle it with sea salt and throw in in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 min. Instant kale “chips!” Easy-peasy.

  2. I was going to post about the kale chips as above. My kids gobble them up. Just be careful not to overcook them – they burn really easily!

    We also do kale or spinach in monster smoothie with yogurt, bananas, apples, grapes or whatever light colored fruit you have around.

  3. Kale chips? Please share it with us. Thank you.

    I think the kale salad is just perfect for my diet. It’s just right to train our kids to appreciate salads while they are still young.

  4. Yet another vote for Kale chips! I usually make up a batch for after school. Great and quick. Like mentioned earlier – be careful not to burn they will taste bitter.

  5. I agree on the kale chips… you can also make them in the dehydrator to keep them raw, the taste is different but still yummy. Watch close in the oven so you don’t over bake!

  6. Right with you on this one! Wish I could go to that class. I’ve been wanting to try the kale chips too. One recipe that gets my kids to at least eat 1 piece of kale is : Sweet Apple Walnut Kale from the cookbook Feeding the Whole Family by Cyntia Lair

  7. Very healthy as well.. I hope my kids will love it..

  8. I enjoy kale chopped up with other green in my salad. My kids don’t touch anything green, though! And I’ve never had a blood orange.

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