Spotlight On: YOXO Construction Kits

YOXO Fyre Dragon

Move over LEGO®!! There’s a new building set in town that is sustainable, recyclable, and won’t cause severe pain if you step on a piece in the dark.

YOXO (“yock-so”) turns recycled wood pulp into recyclable Y, O, and X-shaped links that connect together in endless ways. Sets come with all pieces necessary to create numerous designs – for instance the FYRE Dragon set shown here can also become a race car, a rocket and a frog. Plus YOXO pieces connect with other recyclable materials such as paper towel rolls and cereal boxes, encouraging creativity and open-ended play. My 11-year-old built the FYRE Dragon easily and thinks it is awesome!

  • YOXO Fyre Dragon SetLinks are made from 95% SFI-certified recycled wood fiber
  • FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper and cardboard used whenever possible
  • Plant based inks and water based coatings used
  • Pieces are 100% recyclable
  • Made in a wind-powered workshop in Minnesota
  • Named Top Toy of the Year by Creative Child Magazine



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(*Note: I received a YOXO sample at no charge but trust, me I love this product! There is an affiliate link in this post. If you make a purchase using a link I may receive a small commission – at no extra charge to you. Thank you for supporting Mindful Momma!) 

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