Etsy Finds: 8 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine Mailbox Chair Backer

Valentine’s Day is all about love – but does that mean it has to all about candy? No doubt your child will say it should be but since you know they will get candy one way or another (school, friends, grandparents), I think it’s perfectly reasonable to show your love with a sweet gift that won’t rot their teeth or have them bouncing off the walls.

In the spirit of a healthier Valentine’s Day, I’ve rounded up some non-candy gifts for kids. that are all handmade with love.  The best part is you don’t have to bust out the crafts supplies or the sewing machine because they are all made by artisans on Etsy!

Valentine Mailbox Chair Backer – The perfect place to stash secret notes and special toys. Customize it with your child’s name. (top photo)

Non candy Valentine's Day gifts from Etsy

Waldorf Heart Pouch with Bear – A treasure that will last long after the candy is gone. Hand stitched pouch made with upcycled wool felt with a sweet peg doll bear tucked inside.

Conversation heart crayons


Conversation Heart Crayons – All the traditional conversation heart sayings, but without the sugar. Set of 5 heart-shaped crayons made from recycled crayons.

Non candy Valentine's Day gifts from Etsy

Red Dragon with Heart – This friendly dragon comes bearing love for its new owner. Handmade using eco-friendly felt.

Non candy Valentine's Day gifts from Etsy

Heart Tie Dye Shirt – Wish them a groovy Valentine’s Day with this rainbow heart shirt dyed using an eco-friendly process. Available in pinks & blues or primary colors.


Non candy Valentine's Day gifts from Etsy

Felt Heart Cookie Set – Your little baker will have fun rolling out the felt cookie dough and baking Valentine cookies. Set includes 4 felt cookies, a cookie cutter and rolling pin as well as a box to store them in.

Non candy Valentine's Day gifts from Etsy

Heart Leg Warmers – Keep baby warm & toasty with adorable striped leg warmers embellished with hearts. Bonus: They double as arm warmers for older kids too.

Non candy Valentine's Day gifts from EtsyLittle Heart Breaker Shirt – Red and pink hearts aren’t for everyone but your little heart breaker can still be cool for Valentine’s day with this fun shirt.

What non-candy Valentine’s Day gifts do you like to give?

Pssst! If you like to DIY – here are some candy-free Valentine’s Day card ideas!

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