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The Coolest Reusable Lunch Gear for Back-to-School

Cool Kids Guide to Reusable Lunch Gear via

What do lunch gear and shoes have in common?

Kids want them to look good. Parents want them to be practical. So in other words, they need to be stylish, colorful and unique as well as easy to use and durable. That can be a lot to ask!

You guys can do the shoe shopping on your own, but I’ve rounded up some reusable lunch gear that is definitely cool enough for school but still makes the grade for being simple, sturdy and safe to use. Bonus point – your kids won’t outgrow these as fast as they outgrow their shoes!



The brand new OmieBox holds multiple types of food in a variety of configurations, using a movable divider and an insulated stainless steel container. With only one container to wash and no need for a separate carrying bag, it’s a parent’s dream. But I bet kids will think it’s pretty cool too.  Made of durable plastic that is BPA and phthalate free. ($49.50)

Hydro Flask Bottle

Hydro Flask Bottle

The perfect combo of durability, safety and style – this 12 oz stainless steel bottle has a wide mouth and fits easily into a lunchbox. Available in  bright green, purple, blue and pink colors. ($21.99)

lunchskins snack and sandwich bags

Lunchskins Reusable Bags

So much cuter than a plastic bag and clearly better for the environment. Lunchskins come in snack or sandwich size and in a whole bunch of fun fabrics. ($7.95 – $8.95)

Lunchbots rounds

Lunchbots Rounds

Packing berries, yogurt, hummus or other wet foods? These leakproof, easy-open stainless containers have got you covered.  Let kids choose from a variety of bright colors. ($19.95 set/2)


takenaka bento box

Takenaka Bento Box 

The combo of Japanese style and practicality makes these bento boxes perfect for school lunch. Made with BPA-free plastic in a bunch of unique colors. ($35)


PICKmeUp napkins

PICKmeUp Napkins

Why send wasteful paper, when you can send reusable cloth napkins with fun designs and positive messages for your kids?  ($25 set/5)


milkdot lunch tote

Milkdot Lunch Tote 

These easy to carry, insulated bags are great for older kids who pack a lot of food. Bonus – the bag squishes flat, so it’s easy to stuff into a backpack when empty. ($27) 

Nikiani snack bag

Nikiani Snack Bags

Seriously cute snack bags for the younger set, made with BPA and phthalate-free materials. Choose from penguin, owl, elephant and other friendly creatures.   ($14 – $16)


Mackenzie all-in-one lunch box

Mackenzie All-in-One Lunch Bag

A standard-looking lunch bag with a surprise inside: a stainless steel food box and utensils. Everything is free from nasty chemicals and easy to care for to boot.  ($47)

Skip Hop insulated bottle

Skip Hop Stainless Bottle

These stainless bottles with a pop-up straw inside may be geared for younger kids but with designs this cute, tweens will love them too.  ($17.99) 

What kind of lunch gear do your kids prefer?

Looking for more reusable lunch gear? Here’s another post or two or three or four that you may find helpful!

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