How to Stay Healthy During a Remodel

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Quite unexpectedly, our remodeling project started last weekend. What was supposed to be some simple prep in the basement to make way for new plumbing, turned into a major demolition project after we discovered that we had a leak in our basement. Turns out our kitchen drain cracked (most likely after a freeze during the cold snap last January), and water was leaking into the walls and cabinets in the basement below.

We ended up gutting the whole room – mold, mouse poop and all. It was pretty nasty stuff but we got through it – and even had a good laugh when we discovered the groovy, 70’s paneling behind the cabinets.

My biggest concern was breathing the mold spores. We wore masks and had the room very well ventilated. Luckily both of our kids were out of the house that day. Still, I’m a little worried about the air we’ve been breathing. We got the worst of the mess out of the basement and we’ll let the professionals take over from there. Luckily, it looks like our home owners insurance will cover the cost and I might even get a new laundry room out of the deal.

The kitchen demo officially starts next Monday! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed we don’t run across any more surprises.

Meanwhile, Healthy Child Healthy World just came out with this handy infographic on the subject of healthy home improvement. Be sure to keep these things in mind before you start your next remodeling project – there are a lot of potential hazards out there – especially in older homes like ours.

I’ll be cleaning frequently with my HEPA filter vacuum and a wet mop, running my furnace fan with my allergen reduction filter and we’ll also be on vacation for a good chunk of the project. We’ve been through this before, so we kinda know the drill.


Source: Healthy Child Healthy World

 Are you doing any remodeling this summer?

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