Handmade Napkins from Sewing Green

homemade napkins from Sewing Green www.mindfulmomma.com

Now that Christmas is over I can show you the pretty napkins I made for my sister as a gift. They are from the book Sewing Green by one of my favorite eco-crafters, Betz White.  My book, Practically Green has a tutorial for basic cloth napkins that I shared in my blog awhile back. But these are a little fancier with rick-rack trim!

The trim was a bit tricky to use.  You have to place it on the napkin very carefully so that you don’t see gaps.  It took me ’till the last napkin to finally get the technique down.

Funny how they look completely different when arranged in another way:

handmade napkins from Sewing Green www.mindfulmomma.com

Have you sewed anything lately?


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  1. Yay! Love your color combos!

  2. I wanted to do napkins and placemats, but it hasn’t happened. Instead I’ve been running up fitted diapers made from freebie t-shirts. They are fun, free, and only take 2 days per diaper with toddler “help”!

  3. Where can I learn to make those fitted diapers from freebie t-shirts? I would love to do that!

  4. I like the idea, really! Handmade crafts like these are best when made with passion. Hope to read more of your beautiful ideas. =)

  5. Micaela, these are so cute! I linked to you from my Facebook Page and asked my readers how they could turn this project into a teaching moment for their kids. Great stuff!

  6. by the way on FB we are http://www.facebook.com/childreninspiredesign.com, we just liked your page too.

  7. Thanks so much! Love your inspired designs for kids!


  1. […] Make ’em – Got a sewing machine? Handmade cloth napkins are super simple to make! Tip: buy fabric quarters (also known as “fat quarters”) at the fabric store. They are just the right size for napkins and it’s easy to get a bunch of different fabrics. And if you want to get fancy – add some rick-rack trim! […]

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