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How the MightyFix Can Help Your Family Live Healthier

How the MightyFix Can Help You Live Healthier //

When I started on my quest to live a greener & healthier life, I knew I wasn’t going to make a bunch of sudden, drastic changes that would throw my family for a loop, or drain the bank account dry. Like anything done without forethought or preparation, that probably wouldn’t have turned out so well.

Instead, making slow, thoughtful changes over many years has helped me transform our home into a much healthier place. Through it all, moderation and mindfulness have been the keys to changing habits gradually, without the stress of feeling I was doing something wrong all the time.

If you’re nodding your head thinking yep, that’s my goal too – I have something that may help your journey. It’s called the MightyFix.

MightyFix Lunchskins //

What’s a MightyFix?

The MightyFix is a monthly product subscription from MightyNest, delivering hand-curated, reusable products for a healthier home. One month it may be a couple of snack sacks for waste-free lunch packing, another month it may be wool dryer balls to replace those wasteful dryer sheets in the laundry. You may even get some Beeswrap to help reduce your dependence on plastic wrap. Each month will be a surprise, but if it’s from MightyNest you know it will be good quality.

The cost is $10 per month but the products you receive are worth more, saving you an average of 30% off retail.

A couple other things to note:

  • Shipping is FREE + you can add other items from MightyNest and those will ship for free too!
  • MightyNest will donate 15% of your purchases to the school of your choice – yay!
  • Cancel your subscription anytime – there’s no mandatory time period.
  • If you cancel and start up again, they will remember what you’ve already received so you won’t get it twice.

I signed up for MightyFix the minute I heard about it. I’m just sorry I didn’t share it with you sooner (blaming my crazy, busy life here.) MightyFix is a practical and affordable way to help you make one small healthy change at at time. Plus it feels like a little indulgence getting something special in the mail once a month – but who can argue when it’s something that will encourage the healthier lifestyle you are working towards?

Lifefactory bottle from MightyFix //

A Mighty Deal

Have you ever used a Lifefactory bottle? They are durable glass bottles, protected by a plastic-free, silicone sleeve. So nice to drink out of and completely safe, with no leaching or yucky aftertaste!

As a special deal for Mindful Momma readers, you’ll get one of these awesome glass Lifefactory bottles as your first FIX! This 12-oz Lifefactory bottle is an $18 value – and not only that – you’ll get it for only $5 (+ free shipping). That’s right – the FIX is half off and you get an extra high value product! Sweet! Just click on this code BOTTLEFIX2016 and you’ll be ready to get started with your MightyFix subscription. (BTW – this offer is for new MightyFix customers only)

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(Disclosure: As an affiliate of MightyNest, I may receive a small commission if you purchase a product through a link on this post (at no additional cost to you of course). Thank you for supporting Mindful Momma if you do!)

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