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Thank you to ClimateStore for sponsoring this post.

As a blogger in the world of green and healthy living, I am pitched a lot of “opportunities” and products to share with my readers. Many of them just aren’t a good fit, for a variety of reasons. You see, I don’t want to waste your time on something that won’t help you live the greener, healthier life you want to live. Because that’s what we’re here for, right?

That said, I recently learned about a business that I think could be a fantastic resource for you! It’s a company called ClimateStore, and they are dedicated to lower carbon living. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Why ClimateStore?

The goal of the ClimateStore is to provide a range of well informed answers to the question: what can I do about “climate change?”

ClimateStore is a unique business concept that combines education, action ideas and shopping all in one website. Founder Steve Bushnell, started the company based on the science that climate change is real and there is still time to slow its effects through personal action. With a young family and a deep appreciation for the natural world, Steve wanted to do whatever he could to raise awareness of the issue of climate change, provide educational information and most importantly, offer solutions.

Do you have questions about climate change – or want a solid resource to share with any doubters in your life? ClimateStore has lots of answers and resources.

Are you ready to set out on the path to lower carbon living? ClimateStore will help you make a plan, starting with easy steps and working up to a higher level of commitment.

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Shop ClimateStore

Along with the educational piece, ClimateStore sells products to help you on your path to lower carbon living. What I like about the company is that they only accept products and suppliers that have a beneficial link to climate change. They also complete a lifecycle analysis on all products and classify them using carbon footprint icons, making it easier to know the benefits of the products you are buying. Plus they offset their entire operational carbon footprint (including shipments to customers!) through contributions to the CarbonFund. Cool, huh?

I’ve been searching around the website and have my eyes on a few things already – like the stylish rain barrel in the pic above and a new programmable thermostat (our old one is on the fritz!) Plus they’ve got accessories, gifts and all sorts of practical items for the home.

What do you think of ClimateStore so far? We’d love your feedback!

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(Disclosure: I am excited to be working as an ambassador for ClimateStore. They sponsored this post but all opinions are my own.)

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