Spotlight On: Seven Sundays Blueberry Chia Muesli


Seven Sundays Blueberry Muesli

Maybe you’ve got muesli fever like I do. Or perhaps you’ve never tried muesli before. Either way, I think you’ll like this new flavor from Seven Sundays: Blueberry Chia Buckwheat.

The Blueberry Chia Buckwheat Muesli, our new gluten-free flavor, is a simple but sturdy blend of chewy apples, and blueberries, crispy coconut strips, superfood chia seeds and a hint of buckwheat flour. We prefer this one lightly soaked in milk or scooped into our favorite pancake mix.

New Product Spotlight via mindfulmomma.comI tried the blueberry flavor at the Natural Products Expo and was immediately hooked. And lucky me, the friendly founders of this Minnesota-based company sent me a couple more bags!

For muesli newbies – this alternative breakfast cereal is made with ingredients similar to granola but is made without oil and only lightly sweetened and toasted. Seven Sundays uses only organic honey as a sweetener and even offers a completely unsweetened and raw version for purists.

More about Seven Sundays and the adorable family that founded it:

Are you a muesli fan?

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(Yep, I got some free samples but I’m telling you the truth – I love this product!)

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