Which Veggie Will Be The Kale of 2015?

Which veggie will be the kale of 2015? via mindfulmomma.com

We all know that kale was the darling veggie of 2014. It was everywhere!  Kale salads, kale chips, even kale soda! But as I was reading through the predictions for health & wellness trends in the upcoming year, I noticed that there wasn’t much agreement on what will be the superpower vegetable of 2015.

Everyone wanted to put a stake in the ground though – with determined predictions about one veggie or another. A few of the front-runners appear to by hybrid veggies that are not necessarily new but are working their way into the mainstream.

Read through the list and see how many you recognize! Then take my poll to predict which veggie will be the hit of 2015!

Broccoflower by tanakawho via flickr

Broccoflower – A broccoli and cauliflower mashup that looks like it’s from outer space. Also known as Romanesco broccoli. Non space-age varieties available too – that look more like traditional cauliflower but with a greenish hue.


Kalettes – A hybrid of Brussels sprouts and kale, combining the nutritional powerhouse of both with a fusion of sweet and nutty flavors. I’m dying to try this but haven’t seen it in stores yet. (FYI – this is a cross-breed of two plants, not a GMO.)


BroccoLeaf – The nutrient-packed leaves of the broccoli plant going solo for your dining pleasure. Looks surprisingly similar to kale. On my shopping list but I haven’t found it yet.


Broccolini – Broccoli’s elegant baby sister with smaller florets and longer, thinner stalks. Super tender and delicious! Definitely something to try on the kids.

Other groups predict more commonplace vegetables will rise to the top like cauliflower (definitely trendy right now), the lowly parsnip or the highfalutin artichoke. Or maybe kale will reign supreme once more!

How many of these veggies have you tried? Take my poll and let’s see if we can predict the future!

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