Gearing up for National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

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With all the talk of detoxing and fitness boosting I’ve been hearing lately, it seems that September is the new January. It makes sense after all the indulgences of summer (which were totally worth it by the way), but now it’s time for a renewed dedication to exercise routines and healthy eating.

With my boys back in school, I’ve been trying to get some form of exercise every day – whether it’s rollerblading or biking outside, an indoor fitness class or even just a quick walk with my husband after dinner. And with the weather on the verge of getting cooler, I joined a new gym that offers cool classes like barre, cycling and UGI – a fast-paced class that does 30 different exercises in 30 minutes! Anything to keep me motivated and moving!

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day 

Health and fitness is clearly a big part of my life, but for many women in this country, it’s just not on their radar. National Women’s Health & Fitness Day began as a way of bringing awareness to the need for fitness and helping women find resources for healthy living. On Wednesday, September 30th, an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 women will participate in health and fitness events around the country, in celebration of National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. The event includes health fairs, fitness walks, health information workshops and exercise demonstrations.

“Our goal for this national event is to encourage women to take control of their health: to learn the facts they need to make smart health choices, and to make time for regular physical activity.” – Patricia Henze, Executive Director of the Health Information Resource Center and organizer of the event.

Gear up for Women's Health & Fitness Day

How to gear up for health & fitness

Whether fitness is new for you or something you fit in regularly, here are a few tips to help you make the most of it:

  • A positive attitude – I recently made a small attitude adjustment that has helped me tremendously. Instead of thinking “I have to exercise”, I tell myself “I get to exercise!” Most of the time I really do enjoy exercising – and I definitely love that post-exercise energy boost. The attitude that exercise is something to look forward to helps me justify taking the time to do it!
  • Proper shoes – One of the best investments you can make in your quest for fitness is good shoes. While fitness fanatics may find they prefer a different pair of shoes for each sport, a pair of multipurpose gym shoes with good arch support will cover most bases.
  • Healthy food – A good workout needs good fuel! I like to have a small snack about 20 minutes before a workout to keep my energy up. A small handful of almonds or some nut butter on an apple or banana are two of my favorites. Plus drink plenty of water and avoid sugar and chemical filled energy drinks.
  • Calcium supplements – Weight bearing exercise is great for your bones! But you still may benefit from some supplemental calcium for bone health. Each serving of Adora calcium supplements (2 pieces) contains 100% of the daily recommended value of calcium + Vitamin D to increase absorption. Plus the organic milk and dark chocolate varieties are delicious!

What will you get out and do for National Women’s Health & Fitness Day?

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(Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Adora Calcium Supplements. All opinions are my own. Please consult your health practitioner for medical advice.)

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