Eco Pinspiration: Top Pinterest Boards for Green Living

Round up of Pinterest boards for green living – covering healthy food, natural beauty, gardening, natural remedies, DIYs and more!

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You know how overwhelming Pinterest can be. Like when you feel like the biggest loser because you didn’t have time to bake a rainbow cake for an after school snack like all those other moms did. Yeah, that. For Pinterest to be fun instead of defeating, I think you need to have the right attitude about it. Pinterest with a purpose – not Pinterest the soul-sucking competition. Do you agree?

Pinterest Boards for Green Living

If green & healthy living is your thing, I think you’ll like these Pinterest boards for green living I’ve pulled together – all from bloggers I know and love! They are chock-full of simple ideas and inspiration for living the good life – and I promise they don’t involve rainbow cakes!

Eco Hacks from The Soft Landing

Why follow? Seriously smart life hacks for greener living.

Follow The Soft Landing’s board Eco Hacks on Pinterest.


DIY Homemade Cosmetics from Live Simply

Why follow? Inspirational recipes for simple homemade skin and beauty products.

Follow Live Simply’s board DIY Homemade Cosmetics on Pinterest.


Planet Friendly Stuff from Tiffany Washko/Nature Moms

Why follow? Excellent roundup of tips, ideas and products for lowering your impact on the planet.

Follow Tiffany Washko’s board Planet Friendly Stuff on Pinterest.

Foods I Love from Lori Alper/Groovy Green Livin

Why follow? If Lori’s eating it, you know it’s healthy for you and the planet.

Follow Lori Alper | Groovy Green Livin’s board Foods I Love on Pinterest.


Health and Nutrition from Wellness Mama

Why follow? Links to really helpful articles about health, eco-friendly living and real food.

Follow Katie WellnessMama’s board Health and Nutrition on Pinterest.

Great Green Crafts from Carissa/Creative Green Living

Why follow? Totally cool DIY ideas with reuse and planet-friendly living in mind.

Follow Carissa Bonham {Creative Green Living}’s board Great Green Crafts on Pinterest.


Great Eco Products from Danika/Your Organic Life

Why follow? A roundup of unique eco-friendly products you won’t find anywhere else.

Follow Danika Carter @ Your Organic Life’s board Great Eco Products on Pinterest.

Green Baby from Paige Wolf

Why follow? Cute organic baby clothes, safer gear and eco-friendly toys.

Follow Paige Wolf’s board Green Baby on Pinterest.

Gardening from Anna at Green Talk

Why follow? Anna knows tons about gardening and can point you in the right direction for almost any gardening project.

Follow Anna @GreenTalk’s board Gardening on Pinterest.


Natural Health Remedies from Dr. Karen Lee

Why follow? Ditch conventional medicines and learn how to make your own remedies instead.

Follow Karen Lee’s board Natural Health Remedies on Pinterest.


Recycled DIY Projects from Jennie at Sweet Greens

Why follow? Fun ideas for crafts made with recycled/repurposed materials.

Follow Jennie Lyon // Sweet Greens’s board Recycled DIY Projects on Pinterest.  

Of course I’d love for you to follow some of my Pinterest boards too! Just a few of my favs:  Eco-Crafts, Eco Fashion, Healthy Recipes or Green & Healthy Products!
Follow MindfulMomma’s board Eco-Crafts on Pinterest.

What are your favorite Pinterest boards for greener living? Please share in the comments!

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Micaela Preston is a marketing and communications consultant specializing in natural, organic and eco-friendly products and the health and wellness space. Micaela is available as a social media manager, green lifestyle writer, public speaker, brand ambassador and marketing manager.


  1. Thanks for including my gardening board. I follow several of the people you listed above as well. Great round-up!

  2. What a great list of green living Pinspiration (I love that!). I’m already following most of these women! Thanks very much for the shout-out.

  3. Thank you so much for the shout-out! Love the Pinspiration idea! I’m following all of them already so we are on the same page! Thx Micaela!

  4. Thanks for including me on this list on amazing Pinterest boards. I’ve gone through to follow them all and shared! I can’t wait to spend some time pinning neat, eco ideas from them all.

  5. What a wonderful smorgasbord of green awesomeness! Thanks so much for including our Eco Hacks board 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing these awesome green boards. I followed them all. You’re amazing! I pin a lot of great green topics on’s Pinterest boards as well. I have gotten so many great ideas from the boards you featured. All the best, Deborah

  7. Some clever stuff here! I keep thinking I’ll lock myself away and spend an entire day on Pinterest one of these days…

  8. I agree. Best to look for solutions to specific issues rather than the general feed. I also like looking at specific boards for ideas rather than the stream. Thanks for the recommendations!

  9. This is an awesome list! I love the natural cosmetics one!

  10. I’m pinning, lol! Yes, I am. What great resources. Thanks for putting this together.

  11. Thanks again for including me. What a great collection of boards!

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