DIY Chalkboard Paint Project {Giveaway!}

Lullaby Paints chalkboard paint toy box

Who doesn't love a chalkboard? A big, blank slate to scribble and draw whatever you want....and then erase it all and start over again? Yes please!! I've often thought a whole chalkboard wall would be fun to have in the house, but I don't quite have the guts to do it. Maybe some day..... But 8-year-old Liam and I recently had the … [Continue reading]

Felted Sweater Coasters – An Easy Handmade Gift

DIY Felted Sweater Coasters | Mindful Momma

Learn how to make felted sweater coasters in this easy DIY tutorial. Dilemma: You need a gift for grandma, a teacher, a childcare provider (insert your special person here). You want it to be special, useful and long-lasting - so that special person will think of you every time they use it. Sure, you can run out and buy … [Continue reading]

DIY Eco Glass Pendant Tutorial

Eco Craft: Glass Pendant Made with Repurposed Paper As promised, I'm excited to share my first post over at Green Your Way (a channel of the Life Your Way ezine). It's a tutorial to make a glass pendant necklace using repurposed paper. The pretty paper I used for my necklace came from my Yuzen Box (a monthly goodie box filled with … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Yarn Pom-Pom

How to make a yarn pom pom

We've been having fun with yarn around here. Fluffy pom-pom kind of fun! When our friends at MightyNest gave us a sewing & knitting kit to try out, I figured it was about time to teach Liam how to make this fun craft activity that I remember making as a kid. Yarn pom-poms are very simple to make. An older child can make them by … [Continue reading]

DIY Necktie Bag Tutorial

Do you know anyone who still wears neckties other than your grandpa? I happen to love neckties (so many cool fabrics!), but sadly, they seem like a dying fashion trend. Here's a fun craft project to make with those long-forgotten neckties you still have lying around the house or the cool, vintage one you found at the thrift store. Just … [Continue reading]