Easy Eco-Tip: Turn Diapers into Dusters

Easy Eco Tip: Turn Diapers into Dusters

Calling all cloth diaper users! What do you do with your prefold cloth diapers when the baby stage is over? You could pass them on to another parent of course. But if you still have some laying around in your cupboard somewhere, I suggest pulling them out and repurposing them as dusting cloths. That's what I do! Most cloth prefolds are … [Continue reading]

Easy Eco-Tip: Buy Meat from the Butcher

Every time I come home with something in styrofoam I just cringe. Styrofoam (or polystyrene) is one of the worst plastics around. Not only does styrene, the building block of styrofoam, cause brain and nervous system disorders, but the icky material does not biodegrade and is rarely recycled. One place where styrofoam sometimes creeps … [Continue reading]

Easy Eco-Tip: Give Sponges One Last (Dirty) Job

Give Sponges One Last (Dirty) Job via www.mindfulmomma.com

I'm sure you already know the common tricks for cleaning and sterilizing kitchen sponges - like running them through the dishwasher or giving them a quick blast in the microwave.  But what do you do when your sponge has been through the wringer one too many times and really just needs to go? Give your sponge one last really dirty job … [Continue reading]

Easy Eco-Tip: Soap without Packaging

Here's an easy way to save a few trees in the long run....Buy bar soap without the box! Lately I've been buying these round, 100% vegetable oil soaps made by Sappo Hill at my local Whole Foods Market. They don't even have a label other than a tiny bar code - it's just good-old-fashioned soap without the waste. Take a look on Etsy … [Continue reading]

Easy Eco Tip: Shopping in the Basement

shopping in the basement via mindfulmomma.com

Last weekend my husband and I went shopping in the basement.  Not Filene's Basement, but our very own basement/storage room that is filled to the brim with stuff that has no better place to go.  We went searching for picture frames but came upstairs with a jackpot of long-forgotten goodies with which to decorate our home! Various … [Continue reading]