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You’ve seen the USDA Organic seal on plenty of food products. But have you noticed it on skin care products very often? Probably not. Part of the reason is that the USDA governs agricultural products only – and many products for bath and body contain ingredients beyond the agricultural sphere.

That said, as I was walking through the personal care aisles at the Natural Products Expo, I noticed the organic seal popping up on quite a few products. Many of them were simple balms like All Good Skin Food or The Honest Company Healing Balm but there were a few entire skin care lines.

The USDA Organic seal provides a measure of trust that the ingredients you are slathering on your largest organ are safe for your body and are GMO-free. It’s impressive to me that these companies are making the effort to get certified – it’s a commitment and an investment.

4 Certified Organic Skin Care Brands

There’s a lot to love about these certified organic skin care products!

Balanced-Guru-Fearless-Mist via mindfulmomma.comBalanced Guru – Everything about this company rocks my world – from their amazing organic skin & hair care products which I’ve used and love, their sustainable packaging (mostly glass & recycled paper – minimal plastic), to their friendly founder Juan who I had a chance to chat with at Expo West. A new discovery for me was their line of energy mists in formulas like Fearless, Intuition and Understanding. My favorite skin care line from the show! 

CocoKind – A new-to-me skin care line based on virgin, organic coconut oil for its nourishing, moisturizing properties. I love that founder Priscilla’s goal was to make skin care that was “full of” natural benefits – as opposed to the “free free” claim (parabens etc…) that so many companies are using these days.

Nourish Organic Argan Oil Balm via mindfulmomma.comNourish Organic – This affordable, organic brand has been around for a while but their revamped facial care line (new Eye Treatment and Facial Toner) is worth mentioning as well as their argan oil line. Somehow I missed this Argan Oil Balm which comes in a stick form – but it looks like a must-try to me!

Bodyceuticals – Although the entire line is not certified organic (even though most ingredients are), I want to give a shout out to this calendula-based organic oil blend for face and body (see it in the header photo on the top left). Healing calendula is great for dry, cracked skin as well as eczema and psoriasis, and this company grows their own calendula flowers in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington. Lovely stuff!

Have you ever tried a certified organic skin care line?

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(Disclosure: I attended the Natural Products Expo as a member of the press and was not paid to promote any of these brands. There are affiliate links in this post. Any purchase you make helps support this blog – at no extra cost to you of course. Thank you!)

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  1. I like the Coco Kind idea of focusing on what skin car is full of instead of free of! What a great way of looking at things and something we should all focus on.

  2. Thanks for sharing these finds, Micaela. I’ve never tried a USDA certified beauty product but would love too! I’m adding all these names to my list of items to try.

  3. I am seeing the organic certification more on personal products now too. A wonderful development. Thanks for letting me know about these brands.

  4. It’s exciting that there are so many more options every year! I’m a big fan of NYR and Acure.

  5. I haven’t tried (or heard of) any of these Micaela. I’m really enjoying all of your posts from Expo West. So many new products to check out!

  6. I really appreciate the emerging trend by entrepreneurs to use organic products in new ways. It provides much more transparency around what goes into the container.

    Thanks for sharing.

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