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Raise your hand if you spend more time texting, friending and Googling than you do observing, inspecting and creating. Yep, my hand is up too.

There’s a new book out that just might help sway your attention away from electronics and toward the good old outdoors. This Book Was A Tree by Marcie Chambers Cuff is filled with ideas, adventures and inspiration for rediscovering the natural world. The book is astutely described as:

“A guidebook for becoming a modern pioneer – a strong-minded, clever, crafty, spontaneous mud pie-making, fort-building individual committed to slowing down and giving the world your complete attention, questioning everyday things, and reconnecting with the wildness around you.”

At first glance, you may think it’s a book for kids but it’s actually for grownups (with or without kids), who feel disconnected from nature and want to get back in touch. You will find though, that there are plenty of exercises and projects that kids will love too.

Let yourself be inspired by nature

Dive into any of the 12 chapters of the book and you’ll find ideas for exploration, exercises for observation, encouragement to change your perspective, goofy suggestions and much more! It’s a hands-on book that’s begging you to mark up the pages with notes, sketch in the margins and bring it on an outdoor adventure.

As Marcie suggests in the introduction, I skimmed through the book until I found something that caught my eye. With winter still holding on tight here in Minnesota, I was drawn to do a stream of consciousness exercise about Spring. Once the weather warms up, I’d like to get outside and do a longitudinal observation of some sort. Maybe a plant pushing up from the soil and bursting onto the scene or a bird building a nest for its sweet little babies. Oh the possibilities!

This Book Was A Tree via

Do a cool, eco project

The book is filled with creative, messy, real-life projects too. I know what I’ll be suggesting when the kids are bored this summer:

  • build an upcycled terrarium
  • make a pinhole camera
  • create your own edible sprouts
  • craft a felted flower
  • toss a seedbomb

Check out the blog tour

Marcie’s got some awesome bloggers talking about her book this month. Check them out – it’s a great way to discover some cool, new blogs!

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What is your favorite way to slow down and get dirty?

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