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When I’m at home I tend to stick to filtered water and my homemade kombucha, but bring me to the Natural Products Expo and I’m all about checking out the beverage category. As a health-minded explorer, I love to check everything out, look for the trends and the strangest of products and then share them with you guys of course!

Expo West did not disappoint and I found plenty of intriguing beverages to try. There were plenty of yummy kombuchas and tons of flavored waters (does the world really need another?) but there were also some pretty unique drinks that I think are worth mentioning. Yes, some of these are a bit strange and the health benefits may be dubious (lettuce tea – really??) but I think it’s fun to see what’s on the radar – whether or not we ever end up purchasing any.

12 drinks I bet you haven’t seen

Temple Turmeric Pineapple Elixir- via mindfulmomma.comArtichoke water – Artichokes are loaded with nutrition but hard to eat. Arty Water put all that goodness into a great tasting drink (I tried the ginger flavor – quite nice!)

a2 milk – Did you know that regular milk contains two types of proteins – a1 and a2? a2 Milk contains only the a2 protein, which may be gentler on the stomach.

Protein tea –  Most tea drinks contain little protein or fiber. That changed when Blu-Dot combined organic green tea with 12g of New Zealand whey protein per bottle.

Turmeric water – In case you haven’t noticed, turmeric is getting a lot of press as an uber healthy additive. Now you can drink the benefits with tasty elixers from Temple Turmeric (my favorite beverage from Expo West!)

Veggie milk –  A chocolate milkshake with a full serving of veggies? Yes please! Thank you Sneakz Organic!

Lettuce tea – I passed on tasting it but they claim this “vitaminated” lettuce tea is healthy. Bonus: it’s certified organic.

cactus water via mindfulmomma.comCactus water – Ouch!! I missed this one. The prickly pear cactus has been used for medicinal & nutritional purposes for thousands of years. Now we can enjoy the benefits with this refreshing, fruity drink.

Coffee juice – I couldn’t resist tasting this but I doubt I would ever buy it because why mess with real coffee? So new it’s not even on the company website yet.

Gac fruit juice/tea blend – They say the combo of antioxidant rich Gac fruit, green tea and passion fruit provides a natural energy boost. I say it tastes great! (from Total Happiness Naturals)

Camel milk -Bummed I missed this booth because I would have tried it. Apparently camel milk is slightly sweet and creamy. Available raw or pasteurized.

Bone broth – Yes, bone broth is trendy but did you know it’s a traditional sipping beverage? Now available in individual tetra packs from Pacific for your sipping pleasure.

Coffee tea combo – This unique blend of coffee + green tea + yerba mate + astragalus from ULIVjava is sanctioned by non other than Martha Stewart.

Which of these strange new drinks would you dare to try?

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(Disclosure: I attended the Natural Products Expo as a member of the press and was not paid to promote any of these brands.) 

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  1. We’re pretty hard on any sort of bottled beverage in our house. I just can’t stand the thought of the bottling process and the waste. That said, I see at least one of the products appears to have an innovative design that doesn’t rely on plastic. I realize your trip was a few months ago; but did you see that as an emerging trend?

    Very cool.


  1. […] Temple Turmeric makes an excellent turmeric elixer in many flavors – I tried a couple at the Natural Products Expo and they were delicious!  You can also make your own turmeric tea, also known as Golden […]

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