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Is it possible to change up your way of living and still have a smile on your face?

Sure it is!

Mindful Momma was born because I believe that healthy, natural living can be delicious, fun and very flexible!


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At Mindful Momma you’ll find inspiration, information and creative ideas that will pave the way for a healthy, natural home and lifestyle.


“You have given me hope that taking one step at a time is all I really need to do.” – Stacy


“I love your honesty and how you make yourself relatable to people who are just starting to live a natural lifestyle.” – Kristin


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MP Prana Sondra sweaterMeet Micaela

Before I had kids, I didn’t worry much about healthy living. But once I was in charge of little human lives, my perspective changed fast. I began researching the health risks and benefits of everything from food to gear to cleaning products and quickly became overwhelmed.  It was a scary world out there – but I didn’t want to live in fear.

So I started making lifestyle changes and product swaps that were healthier and more natural. No, I didn’t immediately throw out everything in my cupboard or under my kitchen sink, but I intentionally swapped the worst things out for better ones. Slowly but surely, small changes turned into habits, and healthier choices became second nature. Instead of feeling stressed, I became more relaxed and confident that I was creating a healthy home and natural lifestyle for my family.

Yes, I still indulge in chocolate cake and even the occasional diet soda, but living by my mantra of mindful moderation allows me to enjoy life and be healthy at the same time. 

Through creative recipes and DIYs,  fact-based information and mindful conversation, I can help YOU craft the unique path to healthy, natural living that works best for you and your family.


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“Micaela sizes it down into easily digestible chunks and usable, clear guides.”  Katy from Non-Toxic Kids

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“Thanks for making the rest of us feel welcomed here by letting us know that even the smartest and most thoughtful moms have the same struggles as everyone else.” – Anne


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Green & healthy wishes!

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