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Hi! I’m so glad you found my blog!Micaela Preston www.mindfulmomma.com

My name is Micaela and I would love to help inspire you to live a green and healthy life!

I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes, DIY projects and ways to live with less impact on the earth. Like you, I don’t have all the answers but I try to be mindful of my choices and do my best. Minneapolis, MN is where I hang out with my kefir-making husband and two imaginative, young boys.

I started this blog quite a few years ago, as a way to help make sense of all the confusing and sometimes scary information about green and healthy living that I was confronted with as a parent. It was part creative outlet and part educational platform….both with steep learning curves!

Little did I know, the world of blogging would capture my heart! Before long, instead of being just about the information, it was about the community of like-minded people I met along the way. Instead of being just about the environment, it was about being mindful of all the small decisions I make every day. Instead of being just about living simply and frugally, it was about the joys of all things homemade and handmade.

I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned, I will inspire you make some greener changes in your life, experiment with healthier foods or try out a fun new eco-craft! Feel free to email me with questions or thoughts anytime at: mindfulmomma@yahoo.com

Thanks so much for reading Mindful Momma!  

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Other Places You Will Find Me:

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